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This service is provided by the State Land Surveyors Office a division of the Arkansas Department of Agriculture.

This site provides access to digital copies of the plats received by the Land Surveyor Office. Users can access up to thirty days of plat information by searching on township-range-section or county. Users also have the option to register for weekly or monthly updates by county. The site is populated with scanned plats submitted to the Land Surveyors Office. Note: there is generally a 1-4 week delay in the availability of plats once there are submitted to the Land Surveyor Office.

On-line Plat Retrieval System Process

The following information is intended to provide users a clear understanding of the process by which plats are made available via the Online Plat Retrieval System. State Surveyor Office staff work on plats as they are received (since July 1, 2005) generally all information is available on-line 1-5 business days after they are received in the State Surveyor Office. A note on the homepage is continually updated when a more lengthy delay in information occurs. Plats filed prior to July 1, 2007 are uploaded to the system as time permits. Understanding the process by which plats become available in the system can assist users in determining why their filed plats are not located when performing a search.

1.   Arkansas Code 17-48-106 requires licensed surveyors to file survey plats with the State Surveyor within thirty (30) days after payment for performing the survey or the plat is completed, whichever event occurs last.

      a.   Plats can be sent electronically following the instructions below

                    i.       The image of a full size document shall be scanned at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (maximum 600 dpi)
                             to one of the following file formats: Adobe (*.pdf), JPEG (*.jpg), or TIFF (*.tif). For multi-page
                             documents where all the pages are not contained in one image file, the image file names shall be
                             sequential for consecutive pages.

                    ii.       The image file name shall conform to the following format (including dashes): The three
                             digit number "500" references surveyors; the four digit number after the first dash shall be your PS registration
                             number; after the second dash a five digit number beginning with 00001 with all additional image files sent to be
                             numbered in sequential order; and after the file name the appropriate extension for the file type used. Example:

                    iii.      The image files shall be emailed to

                    iv.      If you do not receive an email confirming receipt of the document images you sent within 10 days, you should
                             contact the Land Survey Division office at 501-683-1666 to see if you should re-submit the image files.

                             NOTE: Corner certificates can also be submitted electronically. Corner certificates should be sent to
                    following the submission requirements listed above.


                             Plats can be sent to the State Surveyor Office via mail Land Survey Division

                             11701 I-30
                             Suite 323
                             Little Rock, AR 72209

2.   State Surveyor Office staff enter the plat information into the database

3.   State Surveyor Office staff generate a label that includes township/range/section, received date, and document number

4.   State Surveyor Office staff print the label and place it on the plat

5.   State Surveyor Office staff scan the plat to a pdf, and upload it into the database.

Receiving Updates

Users must register if they wish to receive updates. Updates can be provided weekly or monthly. The updates are provided based on the date the plat is entered in the system. This SHOULD NOT be confused with the date the plat was created or filed.


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This information is provided to you as a service of the State Land Surveyor Office